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Working at Illawarra Vocational Services (IVS) is an all inclusive workplace where we encourage dignity, self-respect, confidence and Independence. IVS is a social network where friendships are made and could be a stepping-stone to other employment options. Whilst working at IVS you will engage in physical activity, make friends and a sense of belonging to The Disability Trust community.

IVS is currently looking for new supported employees to join our lawn and garden crews. If you are receiving or eligible for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) or NDIS phone us on 1300 347 224 between 9am-3pm weekdays or send your details for a call back.

Good News Stories

Wendy’s Testimonial

“Illawarra Vocational services  gives my son a purpose in life, and the staff are helpful and encouraging. If you love working outside in the garden or doing lawns IVS is the place for you.”


Parent of IVS supported employee

Dane’s Testimonial

“I love mowing lawns and the supervisors are awesome. I have worked here for 10 years and love my job!”


IVS supported employee

Bradley’s Testimonial

“The staff are easy going and friendly and the work is great I am so glad I joined IVS recently.  Supervisors are calm and supportive I am learning new skills.

Looking forward to developing my lawn and garden skills.”


IVS supported employee

Chris’ Testimonial


“I love coming to work and being with my friends and being involved in the Trusted Garden Group.

I love mowing lawns and helping the supervisor.” 


IVS supported employee

David’s Testimonial

“Illawarra Vocational Services has given my son the opportunity to develop and learn skills in such a supportive environment that I can’t express how happy we are.

They are wonderful.”


Parent of IVS supported employee